Your Feedback

samedi 8 juin 2013


Dear reader,

A month ago a desperate voice called me. It was a lady. She had my number from a couple (I helped them 5 years ago to find their first home and we stayed in contact... nice couple). I was shocked about the story I heard. A bad experience in a home buying process.

I don't want to blame anybody, but don't rush in any buying if you don't have experience at all, or little. You need to have data, statistics, prices, sells, about the homes in the area you are looking for. Do your homework, ask questions.

In a home-buying process you have to start from the bottom. Making an offer and not knowing if you can afford, or about the area, about the prices in that area, without visiting some homes to be able to compare with your wish list and each other, is a BIG MISTAKE.

Lets start slowly. I am preparing a FREE Boot Camp for you and for everybody who would like to know more about the real estate market today, in the Laval area. This Boot Camp is FREE.

Don't be shy, just think... it is about your future, it is about your money and it is a lot of money. Probably your are working hard for it. So let's meet and talk.

Ask for your 88 Possible Types Of Turbulence We Could Encounter... LETTER

  • Buying a Home is like flying an airplane across the country,
  • and because there are so many people involved
  • we will run into turbulence.
  • Just suppose that I’m the pilot and you’re the passenger.
  • If you could see what I see in the cockpit,
  • what you would see is at least 88 types of turbulence,
  • but since you’re in the passenger seat you can’t see it,
  • until now. Ask for the list now
  • Be assured I will be monitoring every phase of the transaction
  • and when turbulences arise,
  • I will quickly be in touch with you
  • to discuss our options and alternatives.