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mardi 18 juin 2013

The story of Diana and Dumitru

The story of Diana and Dumitru

Well it started somewhere in the end of spring 2012. I was meeting, in their apartment in Montreal, a lovely couple, Mariana and Stefan. I knew the husband already from another client, who came at a showing to help out with some renovation advises, a couple with whom I was working for finding a property. He handed my card to him and they kept it for about a year and they called me after more than a year, telling me that they need my help to find a home in Laval.

So like I said my first meeting with them was in their apartment in Montreal, we discussed how, what, when... You know all kind of question from me, from them, till we putted together a plan for hunting down their dream home. At the end of our discussion, I asked them if they know somebody who they love and care about and if they would fill comfortable introducing me, friends, whom would also need my help. There it is, like that I had the contact number of Diana and Dumitru.

So, I am calling them and making an appointment to discuss their project. After an hour of consultation, I've got their 5-6-7. For those who don't know what is the 5-6-7... after thought provoking and deep questions, I've asked, together we find out what is their motivation and which are the most important three thinks in this  process of buying a home for them. Based on that we started the house hunting.

I went back home and started the search, based on their criteria's. Of course what you get it is sometimes far from what we want, but patience and study of every listing and visits will get us to find the perfect home from every point of view.

Well, somewhere in August we find a lovely house in Sainte-Doroty. Yes, an older house, needed renovations, but with potential. After a first visit and some thinking, which I suggested that is very important, especially because, Diana wanted a newer house, Dumitru wanted a big land, the next day we made an offer.
Surprise and surprise at the inspection. Mold in places where was not visible that only at the inspection, plus the attic also with a lot of mold. So we had no choice than to say goodby to this house and to start over.

Dear friends, those who already had this problem, say thanks that you inspected the house... Is better to loose $500, than to find out after buying, that you would need about $20,000 more to make livable your home.

So the hunting is continuing. I forgot to tell you that Diana have two kids, about 4-5 years old, twin girls and one of their most important criteria was two big bedrooms, one for the mommy and daddy and one for the girls. They didn't wanted to put them in separate rooms. So this is not easy a, but patience, that we all had hopefully, will give us great result.

Somewhere in January we find another house, this time is Sainte-Rose. Area was also very important, i have to mention, because of the school choices they made for the girls. Again we visit the house, it is nice, this time they looked for a newer home, to eliminate some work and we made an offer. But our luck is not there, yet. Another couple is making an offer. Imagine... This means fighting for the same house, so bigger price or lose. So we lost.

A little disappointed, but also prepared. I have a wonderful one page "88 Turbulences During the process of buying a Home", together with a Buyers Book prepared for them from the beginning. These pages are good to read, if you have the chance to work with me, it is the bible for buyers and even sellers, to be prepared mentally to the ups and downs, when you start this, so important project in your life.

Time passes, no hew homes on the market in our criteria's. But February came and there it is, a newer lovely house in Sainte-Doroty. We jump happily after a careful visit and we make an offer. Negotiation is not easy, but we got what we wanted and this is important. A new and good inspection, mortgage approval... final. Happy, happy, happy everybody, buyers, seller, brokers. A nice collaboration with the listing broker, a very honest and good person.

Time, now has to pass, notary is in June. It is long to wait that much when you are a buyer, you would like your hew home in the same day if possible.

June is here, we sign the mortgaged documents with the bank, also the notary on June 14th and we have the keys, too. Saturday, the 15th we go to the house to exchange other details with the ex-owner. The girls are running in the empty and clean house, looking for their room, Diana is checking out the kitchen, Dumitru is taking over details about the letter box and garage door opener etc.

It is final and it is a blessing. Their faces are showing happiness and joy. Wow, I love this and I can't wait to see them in two-tree weeks after they finish the moving, enjoying a barbecue in the backyard, where they invited me.

Diana, Dumitru, thanks for your lovely company in this past twelve month, it was a long journey, but is worth it. Have a wonderful and happy life in your new home. Enjoy.

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