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lundi 19 août 2013

Home Finder NewsLetter for Buyers

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  1. Five Simple Things You Need to Know to Make the Home Buying Process Easier 
  2. How Do Sellers Price Their Homes and How Much Should I Offer? 
  3. Eight Steps to Follow When Buying a Home 
  4. Six Signs that Could Mean Expensive (Hidden) Trouble 
  5. Top Six Things to Ask Yourself When Looking At a Home 
  6. Inside Secrets of How to Get a "Yes" When You Borrow 
  7. How to Avoid Being Beaten Out by Other Buyers 
  8. I'm the One Buying a Home – Just Who are All These Other People? 
  9. The Three Things that Scare You Most About Buying a Home 
  10. How to Avoid Five Of the Most Expensive Mistakes Homebuyers Make 
  11. Four Quick Tips that Could Save You Thousands... 
  12. Four Ways to Beat the Stress of Buying a Home 
Listen to a Free Recorded Voicemail Message
1-888-874-9512 ext.16

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