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mardi 17 septembre 2013

For Prospective Home Seller

By Gabriela Jonas
Century 21 Max-Immo

Dear Prospective Home Seller,

This report has been prepared to help you avoid common mistakes made every day by well-meaning home sellers. During my 8 years as a Realtor, the mistakes I see made most often are those where sellers fail to do simple things that cost almost no money, yet always make homes sell for thousands of dollars more.
Buyers Buy on Emotion, Not Logic
Buying a home is an emotional decision on the part of the buyer. Often the buyer doesn’t even consciously know why they like one home more than another... they just do! Decisions are made on a deep subconscious level tied into what makes them feel comfortable, safe and secure. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your home looks, feels and smells its best. Remember that you’re competing with 1000 to 3000 other homes for sale. Since buyers buy on emotion, let your home be the cleanest, freshest and cheeriest, and you’ll have a much faster sale at a higher price.

If your home is logically a good value, but buyers don’t feel warm and emotionally attracted to the home, you will receive lower offers. You want lots of people to say or think, “Wow! This is nice! I’d like to live here!”

Let’s Take a Look at Five Factors
That Assure Buyers Experience a Good Feeling
When They See Your Home
First, The Cheer Factor: For maximum visual effect, turn every light on, even on a sunny day. Light creates a warm, safe feeling... See More by registering HERE

Second, The Access Factor: Buyers and real estate agents are busy. They’re not looking only at your home, but fitting your home into... See More by registering HERE

Third, The Distraction Factor: Do everything you can to minimize distractions for the buyer. Turn the TV and the loud music off. Leave... See More by registering HERE

Fourth, The Décor Factor: Tasteful and up-to-date décor is your best investment for getting a greater return on your money. Paint and new wall coverings make the whole house smell clean and neat. Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce desire... See More by registering HERE

Fifth, The Front Yard Factor: A pleasing exterior invites inspection of the interior, since your front yard reflects the inside condition of your house. Make certain that trees are trimmed so the house can be seen from the street. Have the grass... See More by registering HERE

Here are additional tips:

Storage: All clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, tools, papers, magazines, books and personal items not contributing to the décor of the room should be stored in closets or dressers. All closets should be tidy, neat and clean... See More by registering HERE

Closets: The interiors of all closets should present an organized, tidy and uncluttered appearance. All unneeded or unused items should be... See More by registering HERE

Basement: Should be neat, clean, dry and tidy. All materials and tools should be stored on shelves or in cabinets... See More by registering HERE

Windows: All windows should be spotlessly clean inside and out. All windowsills, as well as any space between the window and storm window should be spotlessly clean and free of any flaking or loose paint. All windows... See More by registering HERE

Fixtures: All bathroom and kitchen fixtures... See More by registering HERE

Floors: All flooring should be clean, and waxed if necessary. All carpeting should be very clean regardless of its age... See More by registering HERE

Doors: All doors should be free of scotch tape, posters, ... See More by registering HERE

Ceramic Tile: All joints between tiles should be... See More by registering HERE

Walls: All walls should be clean and free of gouges, scratches, smudges, scotch tape, posters, thumbtacks, etc. Walls should have.. See More by registering HERE

Odor: Nothing smells better than fresh air. On warm days, have your windows open and shades up. Make your home feel and smell bright... See More by registering HERE

First Impressions: Keep your lawn trimmed and edged, flowerbeds... See More by registering HERE 

Fix that Faucet: Dripping water discolors the enamel... See More by registering HERE

A Day With the Carpenter: Loose doorknobs, sticking... See More by registering HERE

The Kitchen: Tasteful window coverings in harmony with the floor and counter tops add appeal. Keep the oven clean – it often gets inspected... See More by registering HERE

The Bathroom: Bright and clean bathrooms... See More by registering HERE 

Be Aware of Odors: People will linger in a fresh, pleasant-smelling home... See More by registering HERE

Before you set a first appointment for showing your home, ask your Realtor to make a quick visit to spot anything you may have overlooked. Consider writing out a checklist you can quickly refer to when prospective buyers are en route.

Best Wishes!